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IOT Solutions

IOT or the Internet of Things is bringing data to the shopping experience to not only compete with online shopping but to also utilize the unique advantages of having the customer in the store.

RFID Solutions

we can enable brands and retailers to provide targeted promotional offers and discount coupons to consumers, based on their spending habits.

Virtual Shopping

The temporary billboard, which looks like a real supermarket shelf with images of 120 key grocery items, enables commuters to purchase products by scanning the barcodes on the billboard with their smartphones.

Smart Check Out

When this level of service is mainstream, will we laugh when we look back to today, when every item needed to be scanned separately? You be the judge.

24/7 vending systems

A highly innovative reagent freezer, combined with smart card technology and wireless communication, was created to provide a revolutionary cashless vending system for 40 molecular biology products from Eppendorf and other leading brands.


New technologies, which rely on the fact that most people carry a mobile device, now allow retailers to receive signals from devices that are in or near their stores. If your mobile device has Wi-Fi or Bluetooth turned on, it broadcasts a unique number – called a MAC address – that can be logged by Wi-Fi equipment or Bluetooth sensors. A MAC address is simply a 12-character string of letters and numbers; it doesn’t contain personal information like your name, email address, or phone number.

And more

We can offer you different level of customised services to open your new or expand existing business.

High quality of networking services

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