How Technology is important in retail?

Shoppers care more about being able to find things on shelves than whether they can also shop a store online, according to a new customer survey that paints a positive picture for traditional brick-and-mortar grocery stores amid the rise of technology and smartphones.

The Supermarket Customer Experience Survey was conducted by analytics and research firm CB4 and based on a survey of 1,055 U.S. shoppers.

On the subject of in-store versus online, 58% of shoppers reported buying groceries in-store very often, compared to only 4.74% who say they buy groceries online very often. Most shoppers (53%) reported never buying groceries online, followed by 22% who reported doing so only rarely.

Nonetheless, CB4 reports that those who buy groceries online through apps such as Instacart, Amazon and Walmart, or even through grocery store websites, tend to have fairly high expectations, which puts pressure on grocery retailers who try to court such shoppers.

For those who tend to shop most often in-store, 53% told the surveyors that they spend 30-60 minutes in-store shopping for groceries, while 30% of those shoppers indicate they would like to spend less time in-store shopping for groceries.

Shoppers ranked a variety of in-store factors, including being able to find products, a clean environment, competitive pricing, service and ease of navigation, over an ability to shop the brand online as a component of the experience.

It’s too important to reduce customers’ time in your stores or optimize for click-and-collect, reducing in-store friction by stocking the products shoppers want where and when they want it. But to satisfy all these issues, the groceries need to have some instruments and solutions. Digitalization of the groceries is one of the effective tool to improve the process and solve some problems of the customers.

In-Store shoppers are engaging digitally with their go-to grocery stores in greater numbers, with more than six out of 10 tapping what is most likely a mobile device to clip a coupon, build a shopping list or learn more about an in-store promotion, according to insights from the 2019 EU, the top reasons shoppers interacting more often with supermarkets digitally is to:

Check a digital circular (55%);
Build grocery lists (47%);
Research special promotions (44%);
Find recipes (25%);
Get nutritional advice (11%);
Read a blog post (9%).

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