Digitalization solution for the retailers (RDS Plus)

RDS plus is an integrated solutions for the supermarkets which can improve seven operational imperatives and converted into business applications.

The seven focus areas will include:

Align Organizational Structures for Omnichannel Success: Integrate digital offerings in parallel with brick-and-mortar operations.

“The new silo-busting, outcome-oriented ways of working to consistently succeed, the company must focus analytics on outcomes while giving more functions real-time access to customer and operational insights.”

Address Discrepant Datasets: Scrub master data files for discrepancies; strength in data and accuracy is a critical component to successfully support online sale efforts.

“This is about data management underpinning every customer-facing decision and all the downstream process in the shopper end-to-end experience, including back office supply, fulfilment and delivery, with an ideal endgame of managing much more in the real-time activation process and not at the historical perspective.”

Integrate Forecasts to Increase Operational Efficiencies: Integrate online and offline forecasting so the right amount of inventory is available to meet orders through all channels.

“Managing and maximizing on-shelf availability in this new Omnichannel world will become mission critical for all the major players in the retail ecosystem.”

Optimize Shopper Insights: Bring retailer and manufacturer shopper information together into a single, comprehensive view of customer insights.

“From the shopper’s perspective, a retailer who employs coherent shopper insights will present a more consistently dependable experience and an appealing value story.”

Improve Marketing and Promotions: Optimize the management of Omnichannel marketing and promotions.

“While annual planning and strategic investments are still key to pursuing long-term growth, today’s media and consumption environment demand agility and adaptability.”

Merge Digital and In-Store Shelf Capabilities: Manage and unify the physical shelf and its digital counterpart to create a valuable, seamless shopping experience in this post-Omnichannel world.

“The digital in-store shelf is rapidly becoming both dynamic and personal, unlocking agility in pricing and promotions powered by real-time experimentation.

Amplify platform landscape and options: Specialty solutions are vital enhancements to planning and e-commerce and offer an improved shopper experience.

“Although there are a variety of enterprise-class and other solutions available, grocers need to pay special attention and focus on those that enable retailers to deliver contextual e-commerce experiences, amplify a retailer’s business agility and are built to evolve.”

RDS Plus system, contains of several technologies which are integrated to create a solution with added value for retailers to solve the customer’s problems and create an interactive environment for them to facilitate their decision making process and help them to receive reliable and timely information, reduce the time spending for shopping and integrate both online and offline shopping experience.

The contribution of this system to the digital transformation of retail is to target different operational areas of the business but not just some areas. As this system is based on a central data base with the capacity of big data analysis and can provide some comprehensive solutions for the shoppers and retailers. Use of some technologies such as RFID, Wearable technologies, Customized mobile applications, Customized shopping platforms, IOT and Big data, are integrated in this system and based on the level of digitalization strategy can implement in different solutions and range from RDS basic to RDS advance.

RDS plus is a system with high level of innovation and totally new to the market. This system is applicable in different retail businesses and has the flexibility to adopt with different sectors by just changing the system configurations. The system is able to upload on own websites of the groceries and or create a new platform to implement it.

Regarding the compatibility, this system is a compiled system and is compatible with different CPU architectures such as Intel or PowerPC and can be run on various operating systems.

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